Lemmy The Lemon Tree

Lemon tree
I wanted to take some time to talk about our lemon tree named Lemmy. He is the second ponderosa lemon tree that we have owned. The first one produced one or two lemons and died unfortunately. We purchased the first one from a "chain" store and decided that the next tree was going to come from a local nursery as well as any other trees or fruit bushes that we may buy in the future. 

When we got Lemmy, we could tell that he was going to be strong. His branches and trunk were very healthy looking and he already had a flower or two on him. We brought him home, planted him and hoped for the best.

We did some research online to see how we can make sure that Lemmy gets everything he needs to flourish and we found out something that was lacking in our backyard...firebushes! Firebushes attract bees and butterflies and we realized that for the last few years we have barely had any bees or butterflies at all. Once we planted the firebushes, it was like a butterfly and bee party in our backyard! Even though this is a VERY good thing for Lemmy and our garden, we now have the problem of over pollination of Lemmy and he has been producing more lemons than his poor body can handle. We've had to take many flowers off of him so the bees and butterflies would stop pollinating the flowers.

Fire Bush

Nevertheless, we are happy with how our garden is getting better and better with each year. We learn new stuff and implement it and so far it has been a very positive thing!